For detailed pricing information, please go here. For a complete pricing estimate for all your needs, please contact me. Any shipping charges (to and from) are your responsibility. For all calligraphy services, $50 is the minimum order. Once you receive a full price quote, I will send a detailed contract for you to sign and return digitally. Before I begin work, you must pay a deposit of half of the final amount. This deposit is nonrefundable. You are responsible for paying your remaining balance before I ship out your completed order. Please note any delays in final payment will result in a delay of your return date as well. 


Standard turnaround times are two weeks per 100 envelopes from when we receive both your envelopes and final mailing list. You may request a specific return date, but please note this is subject to scheduling availability. We reserve the right to turn down a request if needed in too short a timespan. We do not guarantee exact return dates, but will always try to have the finished items in your hand by the date you need them! Please also note that a delay in receipt of materials and/or final mailing list will result in delays to your return date as well. Turnaround times on custom invitation suites/calligraphy prints/etc. vary depending on the complexity of the request (at least three to four weeks, often longer). These times do not account for shipping. Please don't forget to allow yourself time to stuff and stamp your envelopes! 

If all required items are not received in the appropriate time frame for your requested return date, a minimum of $100 rush fee will be added to your final invoice. These items include, but are not limited to all paper products (including the 20% extra), typed address list or custom request, signed contract, half deposit. 

What to Send

Please submit a typed, numbered list, preferably in a Word or Excel document. Email your final list to Please only submit one final list. Multiple changes or additions to your list once submitted may result in additional set-up fees to re-format your list again ($10/round after second round of corrections/additions). Please consider having a friend proofread your list before sending to me. The list must contain exact wording and exact layout you'd like. 

Exact wording example:

Mr. and Mrs. Gilmore vs. Mister & Misses Richard Gilmore vs. Richard & Emily Gilmore
Arkansas vs. AR
Avenue vs. Ave

Exact layout example:

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Gilmore
1234 Mansion Drive
Hartford, Connecticut

Due to the permanent nature of calligraphy, you must provide at lease 20% extra materials to account for human error. For example, if your total order is for 200 envelopes, you must send 240 envelopes. This is very standard in the calligraphy business. Any unused paper will be returned to you with your completed order. 


If the calligrapher is responsible for any errors, the mistake will be corrected and mailed back at no charge. If you are responsible for any errors, you will be charged for each additional envelope or billed again for the calligraphy service (including the full price of any custom work such as vows) and any shipping charges that apply to your order. For envelopes, place cards, etc., we recommend the calligrapher keeps the extra envelopes/paper until the client receives and approves the completed order to save on shipping time in the event of errors. 


I am happy to send samples to you! Please contact me if you would like samples of calligraphy options.