Prices are for calligraphy only (does not include shipping, envelopes, cardstock, printing, etc.). For custom calligraphy work, there is a minimum order requirement of $50. You send us your envelopes, escort cards, place cards, etc., and we will send them back with finished calligraphy for your event! If you have something in mind that you don't see on this list, or for a full, itemized price quote, please contact me, and we can make something happen!

Outer Envelope (4 lines, not including zip)

Inner Envelope (names only)

Return Address

Additional Line of Text
Add $1.00/envelope

Escort Card
$1.50 each

Escort Card + Mini Envelope

Place Card
$1.50 each

Table Numbers
$2.50 each

Custom Ink Colors 
$20 + $0.25/envelop

Metallic or White Ink Colors
Add $0.50/envelope

Words Written on Diagonal Slant
Add $0.50/envelope

Stuffing, stamping, and sealing (does not include stamps)

Save the Date
Starting at $75

Starting at $150

Starting at $30

Details/Accommodations Card
Starting at $30

Starting at $30

Custom Chalkboards/Wood Signs
Starting at $50

Custom Calligraphy Quote Prints 
Starting at $50

Custom Calligraphy Vows
Starting at $150

Spot Calligraphy (i.e. digital files of just names for an invitation)

Rush Order (within reason)
Minimum of $100

Dependent on weight/location